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Sorry for the blurness. My brother doesn’t have steady hands.


My brother will kill me when he finds out I uploaded this picture.


Zachary Tan. Future hearthrob.


Even ten year olds get emo.


Future leaders of Malaysia.


Zachary+Tim+Jon+MPH Bookstore=Sheer bliss = )

Happy Merdeka everyone.


I have recently, after almost four years of utter indolence, decided to start writing songs again. This sudden burst of creative energy couldn’t possibly come at a better time.

I needed some sort of channel, an outlet to express my thoughts and views. And though a blog, as it is an online journal, couldn’t be more ideal, I just didn’t feel like blogging alone was enough to satisfy my artistic impulses. Sure I could post my opinions, my outlook, and my stance on my not-so-secret diary for all to read but I wanted my words to have more meaning than just another blog post.

I wanted it to not only capture the reader’s attention and interest but also to evoke some sort of emotion or thought.

I wanted viewers who take time off their routine to check out my blog to feel something other than amusement or glee.

I wanted to influence and arouse them.

To me words are not necessarily just words. The right statement or expression can compel and inspire people to think and act differently. It is the matter of whether or not we choose to use the voice that is inside each and every one of us to say the right things that would make a difference in someone else’s life. We all have the power inside of us to make a change. To leave a mark. A small distinction that, if attended to, would inevitably lead others to think. As long as people can change, the world can change.

But I didn’t want to just write an article or a post. I wanted to immortalize those thoughts and words into a song. One that would provoke others to think.

This song was inspired by both a conversation and a revelation I had last week, right around the time that I unwittingly decided to start blogging again. It is about the youth of today and our flagrant disregard for the world around us and the actions that we could or can do to make a difference.

Now it is still a work in progress and I may decide in the near future to make a few adjustments but it will do for now and I wanted to share with you lot the lines from the song. It is the second out of the two songs that I composed in the past week and this one is aptly titled “What Would You Do?”

One fine day,
When you get out bed,
And you feel like life just flew by unbeknownst
Then you walk out,
And take a look around,
And you see the world is not like as it should

If the world lived in darkness,
Shadowed by the light,
Would you fight? Would you fall?
What would you do?

Pick up a paper,
More bad news and more bloodshed printed on the headlines
You feel pity,
For just one instant,
Then a happy thought and everything is fine

When the world lives in darkness,
Shadowed by the light,
Would you fight or would you fall?
What would you do?

If we’re suppose to live in harmony,
Then why do we see such pain?
Do we fight or do we fall?
What would we do?

While we live in our moment there are others planning our future,
It’s the choices we make now that decides if we live or suffer,
We will not make a change if we continue to live in ignorance,
It is time we face the day for the sake of our children

When the world lives in darkness,
Shadowed by the light,
Would we fight or would we fall?
What would we do?
If we’re suppose to live in harmony,

Then why do we see such pain?
Did we fight or did we fall?
What did we do?

If we’re living in independence,
Then why do we feel so lost?
Did we fight? Did we falter?
What did we do?

The title was largely enthused by the famous W.W.J.D. bands I use to strap around my wrist when I was younger. I thought; instead of asking “what would Jesus do?” we should ask ourselves “what would we do?”

This is not about self-glory or seeking self-gratification. This is about using our God given brains and making a difference. If we only rely on God to stir a change then what good is our existence here on earth?

What good is having a set of hands, a mouth, and a well functioning brain if we don’t use it to fight the good fight? I speak for myself as well because even I cringed after re-reading my own lyrics and I felt shame, looking at the words.

This is an awakening for all of us.

Ask yourself today. What have you done lately to make a change in someone else’s life?

For those who question my sudden act of betrayal towards blogspot users, I’m afraid the answer is as simple as this.

I wanted a new begining.

I woke up one day and realised that nothing about my previous blog served a purpose. Nothing about it spawned a revelation. Nothing about it made a difference. It was the same in every post. Surface ramblings about things that don’t matter. I felt like I was a slave to my blog, often blogging because I had to. It’s not that I was blogging about things that weren’t real to me. There were some that came from the heart but I know that I am meant for something greater and that there’s more that I can offer.

Simply put, I had an ephiphany and decided it was time for a change.

To those who stood by me and waited patiently for a new site, fret no more. I’m here for the longrun. And as long as I’m still inspired, I’ll keep on inspiring.


“The mass of men leads life of quiet desperation”
-Henry David Thoreau-

There are always answers, one way or another, even when people don’t recognize it.

In a dream-a vision in the night-when he is fast asleep in his bed. Falling deeper into slumber, it speaks in his ears and terrifies him with warnings to turn from his wrong doing and keep him from pride. To distance him from an early grave, the river of no return.

It gets his attention through pain, by throwing him on a bed of suffering so he can’t stand the sight of food, having no appetite even for the most sumptuous meals.

He loses weight, wasting away to nothing, reduced to a bag of bones.

He hangs on the cliff-edge of death, knowing the next breath may be his last.

If only there is an angel on his side, as a mediator that tells him what is right, to be merciful to him and say, “You are spared from going down the pit, I have found a ransom for you,”

Yet, in his messed up life, all he can do is cry for favour, for someone to redeem him.

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