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My blog has been rather wordy lately so I figured I’ll post some pictures from our recent candy shopping escapade at The Curve. It was a college newsletter assignment for the food review page and one that I bear no qualms in undertaking = )

I also happily took the role of cameraman and flex my photography skills. Not that I’m an expert in that area.


Me taking a picture of Pet taking a picture of Sarah.


Andrew takes candy shopping very seriously.


 Doesn’t the sight of candies just make you happy? I know I was.


Marshmellow berries!


Artsy-fartsy shot.


 Juicy sour tapes!


 I don’t know what these are but they taste good. Kinda gummi-ish.


Gummi buttons.


Petrina Patooties came along too.


We can’t help ourselves.


I look fat.


 Toppings for the frozen yogurt.




 Whose greedy mouth is this?










…Princess Sarah of course!


They were really good. *smile*


Andrew healthy? Pah!


Getting in touch with the Ramadhan spirit.




Pineapple & Orange flavoured gelato: The best thing I tasted all week…


…and the worst. It’s sesame seed. Yuck! It tasted like grey gunk.


“Cacat” girl


We went over to Cuffz to “kacau” Leon.


Pet’s trademark tongue.


Andrew Ee: Future employee of Cuffz.


I can’t remember where the Italianese balloon came from.








Marshmellow lollies.



There were phases in my life
When I lose my way
Swallowed by the bright and dazzling lights,
Woe, the pressures of the world
Cos’ it blurs the line
And now I can’t see what is right from wrong

I wanna ride the waves of life
Cos’ I live life on a constant high
But I can’t keep living in a web of contradictions
Now I’m stumped
Cos’ I’m torn between both worlds

If mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation
Then I must figure how to mask my desolation
As I circle round the voice of truth
I’m still afraid to face the fact that would free me from being confused

I see beauty edged upon the end of my road
Waiting for me as I trudge along on my own
If I look hard and seek refuge in the right path
And stop chasing both worlds


Sometimes as Christian youth, I feel like we tend to kid ourselves into thinking that some of the things we do are right in God’s eyes when they’re actually not. I guess this is pretty common and I know that a lot of you out there can relate to what I’m talking about. The line between the sinful nature of the world and our Christian beliefs are often blurred because we deny ourselves by thinking that what we do is fine because we think we know what we’re doing.

I was plagued by that thought and wanted to voice it in a song.

The song touches on our winding journey in this world and how we often get caught up by the materialistic way we live our lives in this world when we’re supposed to be beacons of light for Christ. The irony of it all is that we know the difference and yet we choose to make leeways for ourselves, thinking we can live immersed in the ways of the world and then come back to God at the end of the day, ergo, living in “Both Worlds”. 

The truth of the matter is that we can’t keep fooling ourselves. As much as we’d like to think so, we are not of this world. And the futile efforts we put into trying to pit ourselves between both worlds are just that, futile.

“And when she dances, she goes and goes,”


For the first time in years, I am able to reconnect with myself as a dancer. We had our first official dance class in the college gym yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. After having gone through nearly a year of agonizing over permission letters and gym restrictions, we’re now finally allowed to use the studio.

Both Chevonne and I couldn’t be more pleased. It has been our long time goal for the college and now we are able to do so with other dance enthusiasts and for me, this couldn’t come at a better time after being out of it for such a long time now.


In these past few weeks, with being able to write music and dance again, I’ve created a symbiotic relationship between the two as opposed to isolating one from the other. I have always loved doing both and now I can channel my creativity in two different yet completely artistic outlets.

I feel very well balanced.

At this point, life seems pretty good.


“Solitude lives in my head. From you, baby,”



Image taken from here.

*Excerpt from The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd

“I live molded to the smallest space possible, my days the size of little beads that pass without passion through my fingers. So few people know what they’re capable of. At forty-four, I had never done anything that took my own breathe away and now I suppose that was part of the problem—my chronic inability to astonish myself,”

Jesse Sullivan


Sometimes I feel like my life is paving its own path. It is as if I had stopped living and my life is just running its own natural course.

I long for a more exciting, vibrant life. Living on spontaneity. Not having a distinct plan or map set out for what is ahead of me. I act and pretend that life is eventful, that it is filled with colour and thrills.

But sometimes, an act can precede itself and all you’re left with is the reality that is.

Reading The Mermaid Chair, I’m stunned by the familiarity I share with Jesse, the protagonist in the book. Like her, I too share the same dry monotony that is our life. Going everyday, one vicious cycle at a time with no vibrancy and no drive. Sure, life has its ups and downs but I stand crushed by the humdrum of it all. I want more out of life.

I don’t want to wait ’till I’m in my forties and regret not having the life I wanted.

After reading the first few chapters, I decided to stop comparing my life with others. If I want to see a change in my life I have to stir a change. Happiness is in my own hands.

Monotony is only a state of mind. It is by the simple things I see in my life that holds the true essence of happiness.

And if I can see it that must mean that I can hold on to it.

Maybe then life wouldn’t seem so monotonous. 


Just a thought, only a thought. = )

“If your life was a typical teen flick, what would its soundtrack be?”

I saw this tag on everyone’s blog thought it was pretty interesting and I wondered: If my life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

So, I figured instead of playing the game and randomly selecting songs from my playlist  (I tried, but they were all lame and completely inappropriate) I chose a couple of tunes which I thought was fitting with my life and highlighted some of my favourite lines from the lyrics.

Opening credits:

The Fray’s Look After You

 – I like the stark piano opening and thought that the song had the right melancholic tone, which best describes my life at this point.

Waking Up:

Victoria Beckham’s Mind Of Its Own

 -I know what you’re thinking. But quite honestly its one of those pop songs that actually mean something. It has a very dewy, I-just-woke-up-from-slumber-in-this-beautiful-serene-garden kind of feeling. It’s just light hearted and fun. I thought Victoria did a brilliant job on this track.

First Day of School:

Bowling For Soup’s High School Never Ends

-Hee hee. I love the lyrics to this song. It’s very tongue-in-cheek and hilarious. “All the total dicks, all the stuck up chicks /so superficial, so immature,” How appropriate.

Falling in Love:

Mandy Moore’s Only Hope

-There were definitely loads of other songs that depict that feeling of being in love but A Walk to Remember is one of my all time favourite teen/romance film and I love the soundtrack. “And I lift my hands and pray, to be only yours I pray /I know now you’re my only hope,”

Lover’s spat:

Hilary Duff’s Come Clean

-Actually it’s more of a “make up after a quarrel” type of song. “Let’s go back, back to the beginning/Trying to fit a square into a circle was no life,” The entire mood and tone of the song has a very glumly and somber feel which is probably the kind of feeling you get when you’ve just had a fight with someone you love. But then you realize the pettiness and triviality of the fight and you kiss and make up (OK, I think I’ve just described Hilary’s entire video but you get the idea, right?)

Breaking up:

Forty Foot Echo’s Brand New Day

-I just love the way the intro pulls you into the song and you can help but sit up and notice the words. “Never thought I’d say I’m sorry, never thought I’d be the one to bring you down,” But then it speaks of there being hope for the relationship and chance for a reconciliation. “I think I’ll change my ways so all your words get noticed/ Tomorrow’s a brand new day,”


Jesse McCartney’s The Best Day Of My Life

 -Well apart from the title which sufficiently describes how the night should be, the song was featured during a high school dance scene in A Cinderella Story which I thought matched the atmosphere and mood of the night. And it’s perfect for a groovy slow dance number. 

Life is OKAY:

Vanessa Carlton’s Nolita Fairytale

-Written in light of her separation from her former record company, Nolita Fairytale speaks of Vanessa’s emancipation and sudden thirst for life which I find enlightening and buoyant . The kind of song you want playing while you’re running around the park, appreciating life. And of course, there’s my favourite line which I used as my blog header “I hope you feel just like I feel, cos I’ve found some kinda fairytale,”

Mental breakdown:

Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave 4 U

-It’s Britney Spears. “Mental” and “Britney” just fit so well together. 


Jimmy Eats World’s The Middle

-One of my all time favourite bands. I like the bass line in the beginning of the song and the chorus is just perfect for head banging while you’re speeding down the Federal highway.


Lustra’s Scotty Doesn’t Know

-For some reason it just feels so flashback-ish to me. Imagine in Eurotrip: Scotty having this sudden realization that his girl has been screwing someone else behind his back and this songs plays. Perfect right?


Vanessa Carlton’s Who’s To Say

 -First of all I just want to mention that I think the words to this song is so romantically poetic and is reminiscent of Romeo & Juliet’s tragic love. It speaks of a forbidden love between two people whose union is disapproved by their parents. “And you say we’re too young but maybe you’re too old to remember/ I try to pretend but I just feel it when we’re together,”  Perfect for dancing together as a newly wedded couple, relishing in triumph that you finally get to be together despite the odds. 

Birth of First Child:

Toploader’s Dancing In the Moonlight

-Happy, jingling and uplifting. I’d be dancing too when I hear I’m fathering a child. Bliss = )

Final Battle:

Fall Out Boy’s Thnks Fr th Mmrs

-The very dramatic and aggressive opening. Enough said.

Death Scene:

Evanesence’s Fallen

-Creepy. Gothic. Amy Lee. Sounds like death to me.

Funeral Song:

P!NK’s I’m Not Dead

“I’m not dead, just floating,”

End Credits:

Remy Zero’s Save Me

-No particular reason. It just sounds like a good end credits song.

Long before women had equal rights, there was one who saw the need for a change within society’s stance on the female population.

Her outspoken and guileless nature not only made her an object of discontentment and disdain among her peers but also instigated others to question her role as both a daughter and a woman.

Nevertheless, she stood fearlessly.

Unshaken and driven, she paved the way for women to bring out their inner voice and played a pivotal role in the lives of many strong women who came after her. She is one of the most celebrated female authors of all time and is the epitome of women empowerment.

She is Jane Austen.


Unlike most biopics produced in Hollywood, Becoming Jane is a refreshing take on an autobiographical piece which steers clear from the usual overly-exaggerated mix. Aside from Austen’s slightly overplayed (factual) fling with Tom Lefroy, the writers and producers of this film remained true to most of the authoress’ life history, most accurately referenced by Austen’s original letters to her sister Cassandra.

In my opinion, ANNE HATHAWAY did a fantastic portrayal of Austen, proving most critics wrong of her inability to play a British women in the 1700s. I’ve always believed that a true actor is able to convey a clear depiction of any character, regardless of its background and nationality. Although Hathaway’s accent was a little grating on the ears and had a tendency to revert to its natural tongue, what she lacked orally, she more than made up for it by giving an exceptionally convincing performance. Her engaging chemistry with co-star  JAMES McAVOY deserves an honourable mention.

Overall, the movie was a remarkable portrayal of Austen’s life, backed by an amazing cast, a dazzling set, brilliant writing, and most importantly, a precise account on her life’s many inspiring points.

It gave an insight to the novelist’s life and explored the many hardships faced by the lady folks of her time which in turn serves as a reminder for young women in this day and age to not take for granted the freedom and power she possesses as it comes from a legacy of many strong women who sacrificed a lot to have their voice heard.



Funny isn’t it? The situations you find yourself in.

You end up spiraling down a strange road of the unknown, wondering how you got there in the first place or where you missed the turn.

It’s as if life was a tennis court and you were the ball.

Throughout life, you were tossed back and forth, going from right to wrong, knowing fully well the consequences that either side would entail and then suddenly, you hit the net. And in that second, that one moment in your dismal life, you’re on the fence and the fate of your next course could tip either way.   

You give in to a feeling, conceded to a transitory ardor, and—just that quickly—in the spur of the moment, everything changes.


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