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Ok, I know I should be preparing for my paper tomorrow but I can’t help but blog about this.

My cousin Sonia called last night, ecstatic over her visit to KL next month—she’ll be spending 7 days with us in KL from 12th of Dec onwards—and she called to plan all the exciting stuff she’ll be doing throughout the duration of her visit.

 i.e. shopping, shopping for shoes, shopping for clothes, shopping for bags, shopping, shopping and more shopping…


Needless to say, I was glad she rang up all the way from Kuching, Sarawak. It was good to hear her voice again. She’ll be studying in the U.K. for the next three to four years and I’ll be in Adelaide during the last two years of her studies so it’ll be a long time before we see each other again.

After getting off the phone, I started to reminisce over the early years of our childhood. I must say, we spent most of it arguing and fighting and getting on each other’s nerves.

Let’s just say we weren’t exactly big fans of each other.

But somehow as we got older all the animosity just faded and now we’re closer than ever. She’s now one of my closest relatives, apart from my other cousin, Jason.

We’ve been through a lot together but we’ve always leaned on each other despite the distance.

I’m going to miss her.

So, I plan to spend those 7 days I have with her to the fullest and cherish every minute of it!

Ok, gotta go study now.


Call me shameless but I don’t care.

After months of emotional turmoil and stress, our second issue is finally out!


Special thanks goes out to the Editorial Team:

  • Sarah, the EDITOR-all those nights of tossing and turning over the magazine has finally paid off. I know you have gone through a lot, stressing over every detail but look where it has got us! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s truly been an honour working with you = )
  • Liz, the SUB EDITOR-it is not easy playing the right-hand man to Sarah (ngek, ngek) but you held your own and breezed through. Thanks for always keeping us informed and for making our jobs easier.
  • Crystal and Cedric, the DESIGNERS-the mag looks great and all credit goes to you guys!
  • Chevy, Galriad, Andrew & Sze Keong, the WRITERS-for penning such wonderful articles. Let’s continue to inspire through our writing.

and not forgetting:

  • Miss Lai Yee-Thank you so much for bending your back to accommodate us amateurs and for your unrelenting faith in us. It is a major confidence boost knowing we have people like you backing us.

So all you Life College students, go grab your copy of The Hailer and have fun browsing through our glossy pages!


Fools like me
O We love blindly
And the cracks don’t count
It’s gotta break in front of me 



Image taken from here.

To Do List:

  • Submit articles and movie review for The Hailer (college magazine)
  • Choreograph moves to teach during dance class and upcoming performance.
  • Plan the fundraising food sale.
  • Submit all tutorials, assignments, and homework before the 9th of Nov or else
  • Rehearse dance routine for the Life Skills performance on the 15th.
  • Execute the plans for the fundraising café.
  • Pester youth in church to write articles for church’s newsletter.
  • Help with Sunday School concert.
  • Work at Grandpa’s.
  • Finish reading the Ivy League Stripper to return to Levi before the end of semester.
  • Plan the college prom with the Student Body.
  • Collect my I.C. from the bureau.
  • Renew my license.
  • Teach Dina the High School Musical dance routine for the charity kid’s drive this December.
  • Lastly, most certainly the task I dread the most; study for exams.

It’s been crazy this past two weeks and the next thing I knew, it’s already halfway through November.

I’m still juggling a myriad of agendas ahead but fortunately, I can now cross off a couple of things off the list.

Things to look forward to:

  • The return of Su Yin, Ee May, Wei Jin, Gary and the rest of the Aussie posse!
  • Partying with college peeps after exams and semester draws to an end!
  • Sonia’s visit to K.L!
  • Hang out with Pet = )
  • Church camp!
  • Christmas and a New Year which marks a new beginning!

Can’t wait!

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