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I have now joined the ranks of a modern civilian.

I got an iPod shuffle!

No, I didn’t recently come into a mysterious trust fund or anything like that.

It is an early 21st birthday gift from my cousin, Jason who was generous enough to splurge on little ol’ me. Bless your heart, dear cousin.

And now I have music at the tip of my fingers.

Yay me!


I noticed in the comment box that some have regarded the previous entry as “emo”.

Before I do my usual best to pooh-pooh the very notion of infecting my readers with my misery, let me say that at the very least I don’t post suicidal entries or leave cryptic one-liners and call it a post. Yes, Levi Asher. I mean you.

I do not tolerate trivial blog posts laden with bitter rantings of “ooh-my life is one big, shriveling hole of darkness and I soooo cannot stand living” or the old time favourite “everybody hates me, nobody likes me” routine.

No, Levi Asher. I Don’t mean you.

Cut the cryptic crap people. The martyr act is getting old.

Seriously, most of this young people out there shouldn’t even be allowed to blog. Why inflict the world with nonsensical and unsubstantial talk of high school drama consisting of lameass “my boyfriend is ignoring me and I don’t why” stories when there are more pressing issues out there in the REAL world to fuss and worry about.

Save the melodramatics for the next season of The Hills.

Now that I got that over and done with, I figured it’s time to add a little life or at the very best some sort of panache to this blog.

As promised, I’ve got pictures of YouTube extraordinaire, Marié Digby’s showcase when she was in town to play a little free show for her adoring fans.

And many adoring fans there were.
See what I mean?
I’ve never the 1Utama this crowded before.

Marié striking more than a chord with the hearts of her fans.

Marié’s guitarist and one-man band, Lance taking a shot of the audience. Apparently he got bitten by a monkey during his visit to Batu Caves. Nothing says “Welcome to Malaysia!” than getting bitten by a monkey.

In all fairness, the girl’s really just a pretty face who happens to be able to carry a tune. I wouldn’t discount her as bubblegum fluff, given there are some pretty solid stuff in her debut offering Unfold.

However, I do not see her getting as much credence for her artistry as compared to other fellow female singer-songwriters like Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles who seem to have risen from obscurity in the recent year when the whole indie scene started to take flight in the realm of secular music.

Having said that, Marié did carry her weight at the showcase, displaying seemingly good showmanship and playing up the demure, girl-next-door routine which suits her down to a T. She manages to capture the audience with her sweet looks, offering little anecdotes of when the songs were written and letting her fans in on certain parts of her life.

And the guys wanted more, granted they were enamored by her looks and pretty face.

As long as Marié continues to churn sweet melody with that guitar of hers and charm viewers on her YouTube videos, the girl can go far.

The rest of the peeps who came. Gal took the picture.

First of all, allow me to apologize for not updating my blog in the longest time and this goes out especially to all my loyal readers.

The thing is; I have not been in the right frame of mind to pause and think about my feelings, let alone take time to construct them in coherent sentences and string them in my usual witty banter.

I swear, sometimes blogging can feel like an incredibly mundane job—no thanks to my insatiable habit of wanting everything in my life to be perfect.

Maybe that’s the problem.

Maybe I’m figuring life out like it’s some complicated math equation.

Maybe summing up life is really that easy and in us believing that the things in life are complicated just complicates life even more.

Growing up is tough. Period.

Turning 21 is not all that it’s cracked up to be.


Enjoy your childhood while you still can and don’t be in a rush to grow up.

Embrace that rosy picture of life filled with unicorns, pedophilic purple dinosaurs and dancing high school students as much as you can.

Trust me; the pretty carefree scenery will soon start to fade into a spectacle of dry monotony and all you’re soon left with is responsibilities, crappy people and oh—don’t get me started. I’m still sifting through the humdrum of it all.

Okay…that’s a little too melodramatic.

Life really isn’t so bad. At least that’s what I’m tying to tell myself.

You know I’ve never been one to blog aimlessly; I usually get to the point pretty quickly. Problem is I don’t really see where I’m getting at…..

Okay so while I sort through my predicament—like whether I should be allowed to post such futile rantings on the internet for all young, impressionable kids to view—this post is to let you lot out there know I’m still alive and still capable of spewing useless crap on this pathetic effort of a website.

Oh, Josh—stop with the pessimistic psychobabble.

When I start feeling like my usual ray-of-a-sunshine self I’ll post some pictures of Marie Digby’s visit to our humble shores.

Until then, I’ll try not to sway the world into a deep state of depression—at least no more depressed that it already is.

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