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I’ve been asked by the college dodgeball committee to come up with a name for the team and so I thought: “Easy, piece-a-cake. I’ll just read up some of the fireball hurling demons from my book of Mythology and choose a moniker from one of the demons,”

The result?




So I went online to check out some of the U.S. dodgeball teams and discovered some less than stellar names:

1. Multiple Scorgasms (hmmm)

2. Victorious Secret (haha…funny)

3. Big Test Icles (oookkaay…)

4. Ball Busters (?)

5. The Castrators (???!!!!)

I’ll try submitting some of the names to the team and hope I can think of something better than the above mentioned. I actually thought of “The Talented Tossers” until I realized “tosser” is a f***** in British slang.

Oh boy.


I received an sms from my mother and I think everybody with a fiery tongue ala moi should take a close read on the following:-

“Food for thought: “It is honorable for a man to stop striving since any fool can start a quarrel,” says Proverbs 20:3. “And he who has knowledge spares his words,” 17:27

“How much better it is when we speak gentle words of peace, not angry words of strife!

Like bullets flying through the air, our words can shatter peace, the spirit helps control the tongue and then the quarrel ceases.

Two cannot argue when one will not,”

* * *

Struck a nerve with anyone else??