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It’s that time again.

When the year draws to an end and everyone starts reminiscing on all the stuff that went down in the big ’08.

As I plop in front of the computer, forcing myself to update my blog (which I admit–I have been neglecting) I spend a few moments letting the events of this year unfold in my mind.

From what I’ve seen, it has definitely been an eventful year.

Some good, some bad, some I probably shouldn’t mention on this spaceĀ  ; )

Lots of heartache, sadness, fights, PLENTY of drama and some friendships broken.

On the flip side, there was also lots of love, happiness, passion, harmony, new friendships formed and old friendships mended.

I got to discover new people. Good people. A little crazy, a little random and a little nuts, but good people nonetheless.

I also rediscovered certain friendships. Ones that I may have overlooked in the past but have somehow managed to find hidden treasures in.

Life is funny in that sense.

You may not get what you sought after, but you still get something worth keeping.

I certainly did.

At the end of day, you find that life really is worth living when you have the ones you love by your side.

Snapshots of 2008:


Rocking out with the college peeps at Sam’s 21st, undoubtedly one of the top social events of the year–after the Year End Bash of course = )


Goofing off at the Curve the the college circle.


Glamming it up during the editorial shoot for the 4th issue of the Hailer.


Seeking solice in the arms of the horny boy.


Cam-whoring during church camp with the gang. (Did I really just string “cam-whoring” and “church” in the same sentence?)


Being merry with old childhood buddies…


…and embracing new ones into the circle. (That would be you Justin!)


Caroling at Pyramid Tower with the best buds.


Making the “Su Yin” face with the face herself.


Being “lala” with the bestie and his BFFs who are now among my BFFs.


With the drama mama and the bratty bro.

To all whose pictures aren’t here, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you–it just means we need to take more good pictures together!

Happy 2009 ya’ll!

Peace = )




*singing Feelin’ Good loudly*

I’m FREE from studying.

Until next year at least.


No more late night cramming and literally burning the midnight oil (my house suffered from power outage last Sunday)

No more refraining from checking Facebook or blogging!

No more insufferable nights of tossing and turning, worried sick about exams.

No more, no more, no more.

I’m FREE!!

Okay I’ll cut it out for the benefit of those who still have papers next week.

Now I can fully focus on:

  • Preparing for the bash. It’s next week guys! LIFE COLLEGE student, have you bought your tickets yet? If not–quickly do so!!! It’s next FRIDAY!!
  • Enjoying camp! Church camp is this Saturday!
  • Choir practice!
  • Rehearsals with Crys and Min. We don’t have much time guys = )
  • Finish recording my song. YOU don’t have much time Min = )
  • Practice for Min’s sister’s wedding. Now I can add wedding singer to my list of accolades = )
  • Hang out with Yin and Gary!! Bestie’s back!
  • Celebrate Christmas = )