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I’m so NOT a morning person.

Which is funny because I’ve always been “sunshine child” and bouncing about in the morning, irritating the hell out of everyone.

Now, if I meet anyone who crosses my path and emit loud, perky “GOOD MORNING!”…I’d clock them in the face. Unless you’re hot. Or my boss. Or an underdog. I don’t beat up underdogs. It’s one of my principles.

I need coffee. I just downed by third cup. Not doing it for me.

Caffeine is starting to fail me.

I’m going to make another cup now.


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No it don’t come easy
No it don’t come fast
Lock me up inside your garden
Take me to the real side

Fire burning me up
Desire taking me so much higher
And leaving me home

There you were in your black dress
Moving slow to the sadness
I could watch you dance for hours
I could take you by my side

Fire burning me up
Desire taking me so much higher
And leaving me

Its like fire turning me on
Desire taking me so much higher
And leaving me home



I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve written a post. Maybe cos it has been a while since I did write a post (and published it)

Not that I’m running out of things to say cos as most of you who know me, I hardly ever run out of things to say. Unless it’s about politics. Or football. Or any other topics I’m NOT interested in.

Now I’m just rambling.

The truth is: I have a LOT to say. And a LOT to blog about. It’s just that everytime I’m finished with what I think is blog worthy, I hesitate to click the “publish” button.

Why you ask? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s cause a lot of what I have to say involves some intimate details of my personal life and now I’m not sure how much of my intimate details of my personal life I want splashed across the webpage for all to see.

Which is why I’m so glad I have friends. Close, real, trusting friends whom I love and cherish more than anything else in the world. Friends whom I can pour my heart out to and say things that may otherwise be deemed inappropriate and face the risk of being judged by others who may deem my inappropriate-ness as inappropriate.

So folks, that will explain why my blog has been so barren lately. Because the platform I usually have to lay my problems onto are now my friends and the I have no use of parlaying every single detail of my life here. Until now.

I guess I’m ready to rejoin the rest of the blogging community again and seek pleasure in knowing that some random person out there can be affected by the things I post on my blog.

So watch out. Josh is back. And hopefully with better posts in future than this one.

It’s better to have some thing to say about anything and everything than to NOT have something to say about anything and everything.

So there. Until the next post. Bye.

Amidst a sea of fashion blogs that have emerged since the trend of selling clothes online started it’s boom in the past year, comes thefashionsalon.

I know. I probably sound biased because the owner is a family friend and one I love so dearly. = )

But the true reason for me writing this is because I really think the clothes on her blog are wearable.

It’s chic. It’s trendy. It’s in and most importantly, it’s affordable.

Most fashion blogs try to sell really kitschy items that aren’t necessarily stuff that you can wear here in Malaysia when you factor in the climate and the fact that most of your clothes get ruined by the unpredictable weather.


Besides, most girls can’t even pull of the look and they either end up looking like a tart or a la-la queen.

The clothes from thefashionsalon are cute and fashionable and they are made to fit Asians.

It’s simple, clean cut pieces with a little bit of edge.

So do yourself a favor and get your fashion treatment at thefashionsalon!

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