You know when you begin to realize that you are all grown up?

When you babysit a 5 year-old and end up falling asleep–on his bed.

Or shake your head in distaste when you chance upon seeing 13 year-olds and 14 year-olds dressed like slutty 23 year-olds and 24 year-olds and you think “Man, if my daughter were to dress like them….,”

Or when you begin having thoughts of your unborn kids dressed like slutty 23 year-olds and 24 year-olds.

You also begin to realize you’re getting older when you start looking forward to going home instead of going out at night because going out at night means getting in the way of rest time cause then you wouldn’t have enough sleep which would then cause you to be in a groggy and pissy mood at work the next day.

You start feeling grown up when you get a kick at being in Starbucks instead of McDonald’s cause that’s when you realize you are starting to consume more coffee than sodas.

You start feeling grown up when you are counting how much money you have in your bank account (or lack there of) and checking to see if you have enough to pay for next month’s expenses.

You start to feel grown up when you start using words like “hence” or begin sentences with “My only concern is…,”

Or when you start having things to be concerned about.

Sigh. That’s growing up people.

I’m still struggling with it. Other people are struggling with it. We’re all struggling with it.

Even people who think that got it made are still struggling with it. Growing up I mean.

I guess it’s never something you can avoid. Cause we’re all growing.

I sure am.

Looking forward to it.

Yet feeling a bit intimidated. Not knowing what is to come.

Oh well.

I guess it’s all part of life’s elaborate plan hence I’ll just have to go along with it and see where it leads me. My only concern is if I have the mental capacity to take it all in knowing fully well that I struggle with….

Oh boy.

P.S: Pay no mind to the author as he is sufering from lack of proper rest hence making him prone to exhibiting strange random behaviour that could be of-putting.