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Taken from Crystal’s Facebook message thread:

Here’s some reasons why we think YOU should be at the Life College Year End Bash 2008, hosted at TGIF, Section 14:

#1 – Exams are over… and it’s a great excuse to party, pig out, and go crazy with friends! With the whole 3rd floor of TGIF to ourselves, it’s license to go WILD!

#2 – It’s one of the most affordable events in town for the entertainment you get as well – most other college/university proms/dinner events will cost you no less than RM 100, but for RM 55, you get great food, great entertainment, and more lined up for you as well, such as:

– Our very own Life College Awards ceremony
– Performances by our own Life College musicians, including members of popular local band, Bus Company – Samuel Oh and Shaun Xavier
– The Hailer magazine Special Edition Issue 2009 OFFICIAL LAUNCH
– Top-secret MYSTERY performance
– Flashy video presentations
– Open floor
– and MORE!!!

#3 – Most of us will only be in college for 2-3 years. Time flies past, and so much can change in only a year. Make the most of the time you have, and cherish the memories you have with your friends, while you are still together!

#4 – Finally, we believe we should come because we put a LOT of EFFORT and WORK into this event not to make money for the Council or the College, but so that YOU can HAVE FUN. We want YOU to ENJOY yourself, and unless you do, our job is not done. 🙂

We sincerely hope that our reasons have convinced you (if only a teeny bit more) to come for our bash. Please call the ticketing department to book your ticket ASAP!

016-701 2635 (Liew En Ai)
016-862 4692 (Joshua Anthony)
016-904 0780 (Gerard)

Ticket price: RM 55

But don’t forget to book those tickets because they are LIMITED, and after the 1st of Dec, the price will be raised to RM 60. Get your tickets now!

See you there!

-The Life College Student Council

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