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Amidst a sea of fashion blogs that have emerged since the trend of selling clothes online started it’s boom in the past year, comes thefashionsalon.

I know. I probably sound biased because the owner is a family friend and one I love so dearly. = )

But the true reason for me writing this is because I really think the clothes on her blog are wearable.

It’s chic. It’s trendy. It’s in and most importantly, it’s affordable.

Most fashion blogs try to sell really kitschy items that aren’t necessarily stuff that you can wear here in Malaysia when you factor in the climate and the fact that most of your clothes get ruined by the unpredictable weather.


Besides, most girls can’t even pull of the look and they either end up looking like a tart or a la-la queen.

The clothes from thefashionsalon are cute and fashionable and they are made to fit Asians.

It’s simple, clean cut pieces with a little bit of edge.

So do yourself a favor and get your fashion treatment at thefashionsalon!