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Words from a 21 Year Old’s Mother

“It’s amazing how time flies.

21 years ago, you came into the world, yelling and wailing at the top of your lungs. No wonder singing has become one of your passions—next to eating of course.

I thank God for giving me such a cute and lovable baby when the nurse let me hold you in my arms. You brought a lot of joy to our otherwise mundane life despite having to change you after feeding.

Then you turned 1.

You were so anxious to walk at your 1st birthday party, poor Uncle Rudy had to chase after you down the garden to pacify your cries. Even though you couldn’t walk properly and just bobbing along while Uncle Rudy held you in his arms, you were still smiling away.

When you were a young toddler, you loved singing and dancing to Debbie Gibson and you were into NKOTB and Prince as a child. Anything that’s on the radio, you would just absorb and sing along to the words. I would always lament and wished you knew the dates in your history notes as well as you knew your lyrics.

I’ve never told you this but you have achieved my dreams when you taught yourself how to play the piano. As a young girl, I always wish I could play the piano or learn ballet but your grandparents couldn’t afford such luxuries for me.

You, however, started learning how to play all on your own and now you are making music and writing your own songs. My boy, you are well on your way to becoming a fine musician. Apart from singing and music you adopted the passion for dance. I too couldn’t afford to send you for classes but you managed to teach yourself and invent your own choreography.

As a mother I must say you make me proud. You may not belong to the straight A crowd but I’ve always told you that to have a kind, loyal and honest heart is the best skill no classroom can impart.

When we celebrated your birthday dinner you ordered a cocktail instead of a glass of soda and that’s when I realized that my baby is now an adult.

He is going to take this journey called life and I pray that as you walk on this path you will look to Jesus as your companion.

HE will guide you along the path of righteousness and make sure you don’t go astray.

My son, as long as you cry out our Lord Jesus’ precious name, He will deliver you from all perils. Remember the line from Kungfu Panda: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that why it is called present,”

Embrace each day because it is a gift from God,”

Blessed birthday, Josh.

Love, Mum

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

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