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I realized in the past few years, I’ve been trying to be the person I want to be rather than the person that I really am.

And lately, I’ve begun to realize the symbiosis is starting to wear off.

  • Learn how to play the guitar: I already know the basic chords–G, D, Em and C. Yay me!
  • Quickly get my diploma over and done with so I can get my butt in uni.
  • Write better songs. I need inspiration!
  • Set up my mySpace so people can hear my songs.
  • Fly to Sydney to give someone a hug.
  • Write more.
  • Lose wight.

I stumbled upon Levi’s blog and thought that this was an article every Malaysian should read. I could have linked it but I thought it would create a better impact if you guys read it here and hear what I have to say.

But let me just begin by saying this: everything written here by both Levi and I are our own personal opinions. Personal opinions that you as a reader can choose to either agree with or not.

Levi writes:

In Life college, there is curriculum that goes on weekly with the intention of equipping students with skills in life. During this short session (approximately 1 1/2 hour sessions) students discuss among themselves with the help of the staff, topics that students may find relevant now, or in the near future where they begin their careers.

Today, on April 3rd 2008, the topic was 8308, (the date for the recent 12th General Election) and the topic of the week was politics and current national affairs.

So it started out with videos (pre-election) being shown about awareness of truth that the opposition was trying to create about the Government. Then students were divided into three groups, Pro-BN, Oppostion, and those who weren’t bothered by the issues (foreign students, etc.). The students were then given a survey with a number of questions which sounded something like, “How did you feel about the election? Why did BN didnt do so well? Why did the opposition do so well? What are the changes that might happen? What do you feel about the future?” along that line..

So, to sum up what several of the students answers were;

  • BN lost because a certain Race was controlling the country.
  • People were unsatisfied after 50 years.
  • The nation’s economy will have changes.Good or Bad? we’ll see.
  • Hopeful of the future, that a certain race will no longer dominate the Parliament/Government.

The other answers were somewhat like these, they may not have been said in those exact words, but it’s what I can remember.

Basically, their accusing a certain race for the state in which our country is. Which I think is absurd and selfish to have such mentality. Their excuse, because there is no representative of that certain race in our college, they feel open to talk about it.

Well I just want to say something;

“There is a fine line between having open-mindedness, the right to voice out, and discrimination. and boy, you guys crossed that line way too far, and with no conviction whatsoever in your voices.”

You guys should stop complaining so much, look at your own well-being, none of you are starving or without a roof over your head,instead being thankful that you have a highway toll to use,you choose to complain about the toll rates and the petrol rates (in a few years time we will run out of local natural fuel btw), instead of being thankful for food that you can get anytime, you choose to complain about the prices that keep hiking. What’s wrong with us?

Do you know that there are place in our country that lack the basic needs for living, proper roads,sanitation, electricity, food, shelter,  education. There are still places, many, in the same country, in the same land that we live in, yet we in all our comfort and riches, choose to complain over such petty matters, choose to put the blame on other people. For once, stop blaming others, take up the courage, have some balls, to put the blame on yourselves. Don’t be racist.

A Leader should not be judged by his/her race, but by the personality and charisma he/she carries.

Our country boasts of being a great multi-racial country, yet here we are, cursing each other, blaming each other, complaining about being the minority ,it’s that kind of mentality that causes one to be always stuck in that minority.

For once in your life, use your common sense–not common emotions. Don’t talk about things you don’t even have the slightest idea about, even though you may think you know everything about it.

For the love of God, stop being a racist.

Josh writes:

To further echo Levi’s voice, I whole heartedly agree with his sentiment. Although the students didn’t mean to sound as derogatory, they did get a tad bit carried away. To be a little more diplomatic, I know most students didn’t know that what they said carried merit and to others may have been a little too crass and less tactful. We tend to be more one sided when it comes to politics and that is no doubt influenced by the colour of our skin.

I for one had only recently started to keep an ear out for our Malaysian politics. And truth be told, no one should ever go by without equipting yourself with the knowledge of what goes on in our country.

You get to make the difference in the way you and your future children live.

You have the power to tip the scale between a party that could ultimately bring a change to the government’s system.

And all choices should not segregate one race from the other.

We’re all Malaysians and no one is an exception.

The videos posted on youTube may have spoken the truth about the some of our government’s leading politicians but to turn it to smut by making humour out of it was tacky and breaks down all sense of unity.

If we post such videos and make fun of said politicians, what makes us different from them? 

And by involving ourselves to create spite within society by laughing and sharing jokes about such serious matters, how is that helping our nation evolve?

God sees no colour and neither should we.

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