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It’s that time again.

When the year draws to an end and everyone starts reminiscing on all the stuff that went down in the big ’08.

As I plop in front of the computer, forcing myself to update my blog (which I admit–I have been neglecting) I spend a few moments letting the events of this year unfold in my mind.

From what I’ve seen, it has definitely been an eventful year.

Some good, some bad, some I probably shouldn’t mention on this space  ; )

Lots of heartache, sadness, fights, PLENTY of drama and some friendships broken.

On the flip side, there was also lots of love, happiness, passion, harmony, new friendships formed and old friendships mended.

I got to discover new people. Good people. A little crazy, a little random and a little nuts, but good people nonetheless.

I also rediscovered certain friendships. Ones that I may have overlooked in the past but have somehow managed to find hidden treasures in.

Life is funny in that sense.

You may not get what you sought after, but you still get something worth keeping.

I certainly did.

At the end of day, you find that life really is worth living when you have the ones you love by your side.

Snapshots of 2008:


Rocking out with the college peeps at Sam’s 21st, undoubtedly one of the top social events of the year–after the Year End Bash of course = )


Goofing off at the Curve the the college circle.


Glamming it up during the editorial shoot for the 4th issue of the Hailer.


Seeking solice in the arms of the horny boy.


Cam-whoring during church camp with the gang. (Did I really just string “cam-whoring” and “church” in the same sentence?)


Being merry with old childhood buddies…


…and embracing new ones into the circle. (That would be you Justin!)


Caroling at Pyramid Tower with the best buds.


Making the “Su Yin” face with the face herself.


Being “lala” with the bestie and his BFFs who are now among my BFFs.


With the drama mama and the bratty bro.

To all whose pictures aren’t here, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you–it just means we need to take more good pictures together!

Happy 2009 ya’ll!

Peace = )


Just thought I’d post some pictures to show ya’ll how much weight I’ve lost after two months of intense work out and healthy eating I value and treasure my wonderful friends.


A Life College reunion during the two week long break.

Notice how Liz is in every picture??

A Life College outing isn’t complete without a picture of Life College’s two notorious cam whores.

Lizzie with Chevy and Gal’s disturbing mouth.

The Hailer‘s previous and current editor, Lizzie and Crystal. There’s Min’s face peeking out from the back.

How opportunistic, even for a camera deviant. Guess you love the camera now huh Min??

Lizzie and Gal.

Lizzie and Marwan who’s looking super skinny here.

Lizzie and Sze Keong. Pan cute la you.

Aww. Gal and Chevy looking like a super cute couple here…and they ain’t even a real one!

Crys and Min. They actually are a couple.

Life College group picture plus one ex One Academy student. Haha. You’re part of the college circle now Xin!

Ok, gotta go study now.


I know there are tonnes of other blogs who have blogged about the event already but I thought I’d give my own account of what went down on July 5th 2008 when one boy from Klang became a man.

And beside, my blog is in desperate need of a photo update.

So, after getting lost in the swirls of Damansara and annoying the heck out of Sarah, we finally got our butts to Sam’s uncle’s ultra chic-looking mansion in Mutiara Damansara, overlooking D’ Curve. Now that’s the way to celebrate your 21st birthday.

Since I didn’t get a big bash of my own, I planned on living vicariously through Sam’s.

And boy, did I!

Upon entering the compound I’m hit by the splendour of the mansion. Check out the “Rockstar turn 21” banner. Nicely done Sarah!

Again, my compliments to the deco team, led by the ever creative Sarah Lim.

I like the chronologically placed photographs of Sam’s life thus far in the wall of the lounge area.

Artsy-fartsy creative juice going on in here.

The chill and “lepak” area.

The artist herself: Sarah flanked by Liz and May.

The party area on the mansion’s rooftop. All the glitz and glamour crammed in an L-shaped platform. Food, alcohol, friends and music. Recipe for good fun!

Group pic with the college troops. It was a rockstar themed bash so we came adorned in our grungiest of threads.

I was emulating Pete Wentz.

I think I failed big time.

The party also had an extensive guest list of people I have not seen in ages like:


I was really surprised to see you! Didn’t even know you came back from Nebraska. Anyways it was a very good surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed our catching up session.

And of course, the ever delectable Petrina.

So glad I got to catch up with you girl! Not to mention burning up the dancefloor. By the way, you rocked that outfit!

No blog post is complete without a camwhoring picture with Liz. = )

May May!! The rockstar who looked like and I quote “just came from a presentation”. Funny girl you!

Couldn’t resist taking some candid shots of the other party guests.

Levi Asher, looking droopy and tired. Haha.

Little Miss Adorable, Joni Lynne.

Levi and May.

A picture with a real rockstar: Mr. Liang.

Hot chicks galore: [From left: May, Liz, Joni, Christina and Sarah]

One with the boys. [From left: May, Johnny boy, Andrew, Liz, Gal and yours truly looking really stout in that shot]

With the “lepak” group: [From left: Jun *pinch-nipples* Min, Crystal, moi, Christina, Jon and Leon]

And then came the entertainment. The party goers excited and grooving to the vocal stylings of…

Mia Palencia!!

She’s so awesome and incredibly talented, treating the crowd to a cover of Maroon 5’s “Won’t Go Home Without You”.

A real sweetheart who’s so down-to-earth and polite. She gave me a hug!

And of course, Liang doing his rendition of Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” with Jane Sebastian, accompanied by Joni on keyboards and Darren Ashley on drums.

Man of the hour, Sam Oh slowdancing to Liang’s performance with Pet.

Sam couldn’t stray to far from the mike. The Bus Company boys got down to it and did their thang. A superb rocking performance. Love their rocked up version of Justin’s “What Goes Around, Comes Around” and their original “Shooting Star”.

The birthday boy cutting his cake and eating it too!

Cutie pie Christina rocking the fedora. I notice I’m using the word “rock” a lot in this post.

Rockstar pose with self proclaimed rockstar: Pet and Josh.

As soon as Sam’s dad said a prayer for the birthday boy, the music was cranked up, drinks were poured an asses made their way to the dancefloor.

Sarah and me busting our moves.

Things went a little out-of-control after all the dancing and drinking but all in all it was an excellent night. And to finish off this post:

Haha. Sorry Ah Foo, I know I promised I won’t post the drunkard pictures but I couldn’t help it, you look so funny in this pic!

As for the others, don’t worry. All the other elicit picture won’t see the light of day.

Oh and before I forget. I know this is kinda late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMO!! Hope you like your present. I truly enjoyed myself that night, thanks for the invite rockstar!


Pictures taken from here, here and here.

I noticed in the comment box that some have regarded the previous entry as “emo”.

Before I do my usual best to pooh-pooh the very notion of infecting my readers with my misery, let me say that at the very least I don’t post suicidal entries or leave cryptic one-liners and call it a post. Yes, Levi Asher. I mean you.

I do not tolerate trivial blog posts laden with bitter rantings of “ooh-my life is one big, shriveling hole of darkness and I soooo cannot stand living” or the old time favourite “everybody hates me, nobody likes me” routine.

No, Levi Asher. I Don’t mean you.

Cut the cryptic crap people. The martyr act is getting old.

Seriously, most of this young people out there shouldn’t even be allowed to blog. Why inflict the world with nonsensical and unsubstantial talk of high school drama consisting of lameass “my boyfriend is ignoring me and I don’t why” stories when there are more pressing issues out there in the REAL world to fuss and worry about.

Save the melodramatics for the next season of The Hills.

Now that I got that over and done with, I figured it’s time to add a little life or at the very best some sort of panache to this blog.

As promised, I’ve got pictures of YouTube extraordinaire, Marié Digby’s showcase when she was in town to play a little free show for her adoring fans.

And many adoring fans there were.
See what I mean?
I’ve never the 1Utama this crowded before.

Marié striking more than a chord with the hearts of her fans.

Marié’s guitarist and one-man band, Lance taking a shot of the audience. Apparently he got bitten by a monkey during his visit to Batu Caves. Nothing says “Welcome to Malaysia!” than getting bitten by a monkey.

In all fairness, the girl’s really just a pretty face who happens to be able to carry a tune. I wouldn’t discount her as bubblegum fluff, given there are some pretty solid stuff in her debut offering Unfold.

However, I do not see her getting as much credence for her artistry as compared to other fellow female singer-songwriters like Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles who seem to have risen from obscurity in the recent year when the whole indie scene started to take flight in the realm of secular music.

Having said that, Marié did carry her weight at the showcase, displaying seemingly good showmanship and playing up the demure, girl-next-door routine which suits her down to a T. She manages to capture the audience with her sweet looks, offering little anecdotes of when the songs were written and letting her fans in on certain parts of her life.

And the guys wanted more, granted they were enamored by her looks and pretty face.

As long as Marié continues to churn sweet melody with that guitar of hers and charm viewers on her YouTube videos, the girl can go far.

The rest of the peeps who came. Gal took the picture.

We had the photoshoot for our Student Council organization poster.

And this is the result of it:


I reckon we look like the cast of Heroes.


Or not.

[Re-edited with new pictures] 

Hey all!

Finally am able to sit down and blog about the showcase. Mind you, there are tonnes of pictures ahead so brace yourself for a lot of scrolling.

I decided to leave college earlier last Friday in hopes to catch Colbie wandering the streets of The Curve.

Instead–while waiting at the venue early–at 5.00pm; I manage to catch her do this:


Colbie was already there doing sound check! She maintained composure despite the fans screaming her name, disrupting her hearing.


See. There are advantages to arriving early at an event.


Horny boy Levi hung out with us and provided the sharp pictures you’ve just viewed with his SLR camera.


With Christina; glad you came along girl.


The rest of the early goers: [from left: Jun Ming, Crystal, Gal, moi and Christina] Andrew, Sarah and Petrina came along slightly later.

Colbie left the stage–amidst screaming fans–to get ready for the show. Granted she stayed at One World Hotel which was just around the premise.

So fast forward to around 7.50pm, this happened:


It rained! But us hardcore fans–along with hordes of other concert goers–stood there drenched in rain.


Alas! After standing there in the rain and watching event emcees Adam C and Natalie entertain the crowd with their nonsensical antics and games, the rain stopped and Colbie Caillat arrives on stage!

She was really sweet and greeted the audience, thanking them for staying despite the downpour.



Colbie starting the show with “The Little Things“…


…before proceeding to sing (my favourite) “Realize“; her new song “Out of My Mind“; the Hawaiian inspired “Tied Down” and the melancholic “Battle“.


Gal, Andrew, Pet and I: wet but happy.




Doesn’t she look like an auburn version of Vanessa Carlton?


Her guitarist and back up singer, Justin Young.


Her other guitarist and back up singer, Tim Fagan.

There was also her drummer, Michael Baker playing the kahoun and percussions but he was sitting behind Colbie so I couldn’t get a good shot of him.

colbie-caillats-showcase-0308-095.jpg, our local radio station, ran a contest where the decided winner gets to sing on stage with Colbie and accompany her to visit the KL Tower the following day. The lucky winner? 18 year old, Prima.


Prima, accompanied by Colbie on guitar, sang “Bubbly“. To be honest, she sounded pretty regular and reminded me of those Malaysia Idol hopefuls. A fairly decent delivery.


The lucky girl gets a peck from Colbie.


Colbie continued, sans Prima, to sing “Bubbly” complete with bubbles.


She then ended the 40 minute showcase with “Magic“.


A very blurred picture of Colbie waving goodbye.


She came out later for an autograph signing session but the line was so long we decided to just camwhore and chill at Laundry.


Group picture. Pet, Andrew, Crystal, Gal, Lizzie, Sarah and me.


Ah! I like this photo cos my face looks sharper. heh heh


Pet and moi.


And look who came to join us later, The newly liberated (he just turned 21) Shaun Xavier.


A pic with the ever delectable Sarah Lim.


The reunion of the Klang boys! Well, almost. Shaun, Sam, mo, gal and Andrew.


Grabbing some grub at the mamak in Centrepoint.


Look at all the famished faces.


And the number one gluttons.

Overall it was an amazing show and Colbie sounded awesome! For more info on the event, check out the lucky girlwho got to interview Colbie.

I’m so psyched that my favourite acts and singers came to Malaysia. First there was the Pussycat Dolls. Now, Colbie Caillat.

Next up: Vanessa Carlton, Joshua Radin, John Mayer and Paramore!

Here are pictures from Crystal’s birthday dinner at Italianese. It should make up for my absence from the blogsphere while I cram for exams next week.



Glorious Angel’s Hair at Italianese. [Edit: I actually hate the food at Italianese but the outlet in the Gardens was most impressive. I like, I like!]


Fried calamari salad; a perfect balance of crunchy greens and battered fried calamari.




Of course, a pic with the bestie.


Jonathan Chu and Hailer Editor, Lizzie Foo.


Jon’s profile. 


Best wishes to you again Crystal. See you guys next week!

Felicitations to the following two people who have inspired and gave me a reason to come to college on those dreaded days.

Celebrating your birthdays meant more than just candles and birthday cakes; we’re celebrating your existence and your existence in my life.

I’m thankful for you guys. 


 You lucky shit; surrounded by all the girls

Joshua Lim Sze Keong;

To me, we share more than just our names; we share a common bond.

The same wave length and twisted sense of humour.

Thanks for being my brother. Happy 20th!



Crystal Cha:

Your personality; bewildering.

Your mind; extensive.

Your friendship to me; immeasurable.

You are the real deal and You are inspiring. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

Welcome to adulthood–you’re finally legal. Happy 18th!


After scads of emo entries I’m now posting one with pictures. I admit my blog’s been pretty wordy lately, which explains the lack of comments by my readers–where for art thou readers?–please, my comment box is lonely.

But I can attest to my blog’s recent dearth in visuals with my inability to claim ownership of a very handy gadget known as, the camera. *hint, hint* Now, to commence my entry with pictures:


Bus Co. boys: doing what they do best.


Sam Oh charming the audience.


Shaun Xavier, rocking out with his emo hair.


Uber talented Darren Ashley on the drums. The guy’s a musical genius. You should hear his produce and mixes of the band’s songs. Awesome!

According to the rest of the peeps who went, the guys were awesome as per usual. Unfortch–we missed their performance cos our cab driver didn’t know the way to the newly erected Jaya One.

Imagine: Gal, En Ai (in heels) and moi being dropped off in god knows where in Section 17’s industrial grounds, walking in the hot, hot sun, getting on another cab and realizing 10 seconds later that Jaya One was just down the road.

Despite our little adventure, I’m glad we went.

At least we got to catch up with the Bus Co. guys, the rest of the people we haven’t seen in ages like Sarah, Joni, Darren, Kerry and of course…


the ever lovable, Petwina Patootie.

Oh and I bumped into Amanda there as well.

So the entire fiasco wasn’t a total loss, for we gained:

  • knowledge of industrial lanes in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
  • the added knowledge that cab drivers in PJ are absolute imbeciles.
  • Jaya One is absolutely breathtaking.
  • precious memories with good friends.

And best of all…

  • free Starbucks!

Peace out.

Photos taken from: Petrina Thong’s blog.

My blog has been rather wordy lately so I figured I’ll post some pictures from our recent candy shopping escapade at The Curve. It was a college newsletter assignment for the food review page and one that I bear no qualms in undertaking = )

I also happily took the role of cameraman and flex my photography skills. Not that I’m an expert in that area.


Me taking a picture of Pet taking a picture of Sarah.


Andrew takes candy shopping very seriously.


 Doesn’t the sight of candies just make you happy? I know I was.


Marshmellow berries!


Artsy-fartsy shot.


 Juicy sour tapes!


 I don’t know what these are but they taste good. Kinda gummi-ish.


Gummi buttons.


Petrina Patooties came along too.


We can’t help ourselves.


I look fat.


 Toppings for the frozen yogurt.




 Whose greedy mouth is this?










…Princess Sarah of course!


They were really good. *smile*


Andrew healthy? Pah!


Getting in touch with the Ramadhan spirit.




Pineapple & Orange flavoured gelato: The best thing I tasted all week…


…and the worst. It’s sesame seed. Yuck! It tasted like grey gunk.


“Cacat” girl


We went over to Cuffz to “kacau” Leon.


Pet’s trademark tongue.


Andrew Ee: Future employee of Cuffz.


I can’t remember where the Italianese balloon came from.








Marshmellow lollies.


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